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We at American MBS are proud to be recognized as a leading medical billing services provider in the USA. Our dedication goes beyond just providing routine services; we strive to enhance the financial performance of medical practices by leveraging our expertise, flexibility, and precision.

Range of Services

    • Medical Coding

      Medical Coding

      Are you looking for a reliable and expert medical coding partner? Consider partnering with a US-based medical billing company like AMBS. With our services, you can gain access to specialists in billing and coding, improve revenue cycle management, reduce operational costs, and stay compliant with the laws. Let us support you in taking your practice to the next level.

    • Credentialing


      Opting for AMBS for your credentialing needs provides US-based medical companies with a gateway to seasoned experts who possess in-depth knowledge of the credentialing process and established relationships with various insurance carriers. Entrusting your credentialing services to a reputable partner like AMBS not only ensures a smooth and efficient process but also saves valuable time and resources for your organization.

    • Consulting & Revenue

      Consulting & Revenue

      Choosing AMBS for medical billing services is the perfect solution for healthcare providers. Our proficiency is least denial, best coding, insurance regulations, and payment processes ensures precise billing and maximizes revenue for your practice. By entrusting your billing needs to AMBS, healthcare providers can focus on patient care, leading to an elevated quality of services.

    • Practice Management

      Practice Management

      Elevate your healthcare establishment with AMBS Healthcare Solutions’ exceptional medical billing services. Experience a seamless profit stream, reduced administrative costs, and optimized operational efficiency with our cutting-edge software and meticulous financial reporting. Allow us to be your strategic partner in achieving success in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare management.

    • AR Recovery Services

      AR Recovery Services

      Streamline your revenue cycles and maximize cash flow efficiency with the expertise of AMBS Medical Billing Solutions. Our proficient team delivers premium accounts receivable services, leveraging advanced software and analytics to elevate your billing interpretation. By outsourcing AR tasks to AMBS, you can liberate valuable resources and concentrate on prioritizing patient health. Reach out to us today and elevate your revenue cycle to the next level.

    • Prior Authorization

      Prior Authorization

      Optimize your healthcare operations by entrusting Prior Authorization services to AMBS, a leading medical billing company. Experience enhanced efficiency, reduced delays in patient care, and increased revenue generation. Our expert team is dedicated to achieving higher approval rates and least claim denials, providing you with a streamlined and hassle-free solution. So say goodbye to the complexities of managing prior authorizations and welcome simplified workflows with AMBS.

    • Medical Transcription

      Medical Transcription

      Unlock unparalleled efficiency and cost savings for your healthcare company through AMBS’s outsourcing solutions. Tailored to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers, our services enable effective resource allocation and enhance overall operational efficiency. With a focus on delivering timely access to patient information, we ensure a seamless experience that not only streamlines processes but also elevates satisfaction levels.

    • Medical Billing

      Medical Billing

      Elevate your billing experience with American MBS, where precision meets performance. Our dedicated specialists guarantee swift and accurate processing of payments, freeing you from the administrative hassles and allowing you to amplify revenue by concentrating on delivering quality patient care.

Discover Our Unique Edge

What sets us apart?

  • We optimize healthcare providers’ revenue cycles with our billing solutions.
  • We assist you in submitting accurate claims with the correct medical codes so you receive timely payments.
  • We help to deliver excellent results that help practices stay ahead of the competition.
  • We assist you in maximizing your healthcare revenue and reaching your business objectives.