American MBS in the USA

Focus on Patient Care, Smooth your Medical Practice

Elevate your healthcare establishment with AMBS Healthcare Solutions’ exceptional medical billing services. Experience a seamless profit stream, reduced administrative costs, and optimized operational efficiency with our cutting-edge software and meticulous financial reporting. Allow us to be your strategic partner in achieving success in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare management.

Here's What You'll Receive

Medical Billing and Coding

American Medical Billing Solutions (AMBS) manages the entire medical billing process, including accurately coding procedures and diagnoses and ensuring proper payment processing from insurance companies.

Claims Submission and Follow-Up

AMBS offers claim submission on top of insurance companies and advocates for payment. Significantly dedicated to timely and efficient processing.

Revenue Cycle Management

AMBS maximizes your cash flow and simplifies your revenue cycles for optimum efficiency.

Insurance Verification and Eligibility

AMBS ensures the process is easy for you, assists you with the need for insurance claims, and avoids payment issues.

Patient Billing And Collections

AMBS handles patient billing and collections precisely and clearly while addressing outstanding balances.

Reporting And Analytics

AMBS provides precise financial reports, revenue trends, and performance insights, empowering healthcare providers.

AMBS boosts your Healthcare Practice to new Success

AMBS increases revenue and lessens hassle with medical billing and practice management services. Our professional team handles billing complexities so you can pay attention to patient care. Get financial insights and improve revenue trends with detailed reports and analytics.